Showing our Southeast Pride….

…One Show Me Day at a time.

Here are some pictures from the most recent Show Me Day!

Our Senior Ambassadors: Christina Hunerkoch, Alyssa Schaffrin, and Marylyn Dickens getting everything set-up bright and early!

Liz, George and I ready to take on this Show Me Day!

Rowdy was outside welcoming future Redhawks!

Some students set up in our Student Life Fair!

Student Activities Council was handing out candy and tshirts!

The bookstore was set up selling merchandise ranging from hats to sweatshirts!

Some of out Student Ambassadors waiting to take family’s out on campus tours!

Families mingling with professors in our Academic Fair, where students are encouraged to talk to their department of interest.

Mandie Foltz, one of our admissions counselors, who is responsible for St. Charles and St. Louis county public and private high schools, was so excited for her lunch at Towers Cafe!

My favorite picture of the day! Liz getting kissed by Rowdy!

All of us in the admissions office hope  you enjoyed your time at Southeast!

Post your favorite moment from this weekends Show Me Day on the Comments section.

Liz and I would like to thank every student and family that came out this weekend, we truly hope Southeast will be your First Choice when it comes to your college selection. We would also like to thank all of the student ambassadors who make Show Me Day run so smoothly, and Regina Zorich for being our personal assistant for the day and getting all of these great pictures!



The days before a Show Me Day are always very hectic in Liz and I’s office! We have to print over 300 name tags and make sure all our reports are ran etc. Here are some fun pictures from our adventures getting everything ready for your visit!

Steve Nelson  is ready for anything in the mail room!

Me with the 400 brochures that were hand folded! Many, Many paper cuts ensued.

Our office, with all our supplies for the Day!

The mail room set up for the production of our Student packets!

I had to climb up a very shaky ladder to locate t shirts to be thrown out on Saturday!

Liz with the flyer’s she designed!

All of the staff is excited for your visit!

Don’t forget :

  • Registration opens at 9:30 a.m. at the Show Me Center
  • Wear comfortable shoes for your campus tour
  • Have questions ready to ask your Admissions Counselor and Tour Guide
  • Get excited to see all the Southeast has to offer!


Meet George…

George Gasser is the Southeast Admission’s office NEWEST Admissions Counselor. His territory is Southwest Missouri, South Central Missouri, Franklin County in Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and all other Out-of-State (excluding Illinois).

Here are just a few deets about George’s life before the Admissions office:

  • A native of Farmington, Missouri, George Gasser
  • attended college at Southeast Missouri State University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration.

Whilst a student at Southeast he was heavily involved on campus

  • Rock Climbing Club
  • Wrestling Club
  • Cycling Club
  • Presidential Ambassadors
  • He also held offices in Student Activities Council (SAC) and Student Government, serving one year as President of the Student Body.

George’s Current Pandora Station: Ratatat

George currently sits in the next cubicle over from Liz and I. We often catch him humming or making sound effects. It is always a nice surprise when George has candy at his desk…we are always the first to know! Throughout the day, we often hear random comments coming from the opposite side of the wall, often some wonderful insights into life.

Beware he often goes a little crazy in his rolly chair!

” Nothing will ever love you as much as Southeast loves you.”

– George Gasser

HAPPY TUESDAY! Look for a few more updates this week, I am in the office alone this week! Liz is on her way to Chicago with a few of our fellow PRSSA members attending a conference sponsored by De Paul University!

Ashley’s Current Pandora Station: Mumford and Sons

– Peace Love and Papa Johns Pizza at the University Center


Everybody’s Working for the Weekend


The office tends to get a little Rowdy on Friday’s as we are all gearing up for the weekend! This weekend just happens to be packed with fun activities all around Cape Girardeau!

  • First Friday, Are you an art lover? Enjoy viewing the newest art exhibits? First Friday is Cape Girardeau’s premier art opening. With ten different venues to choose from you can meet the local artists, ask questions about their work, and experience the arts.All the galleries open at 5 p.m. and close at 9 p.m. the first Friday of each month. Come join us! Sponsored by the Southeast Missouri Arts Council.

  • The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra will return to the Southeast Missouri State University River Campus to perform in the Donald C. Bedell Hall on February 6.
  • Pi Kappa Alpha Pike Spike: Southeast Sororities will be participating in a volleyball tournament to help raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters!

Unfortunately Liz will be working on homework and I will be taking the WP003  Writing Proficiency Exam this weekend, but my sister will be visiting on Saturday because of her new job with the St. Louis Symphony!

2 weeks till the February 19th Show Me Day! Makes sure you are registering!


Rain, Rain, Go Away

Depending on where you are reading this from, you may be experiencing different types of winter weather! While the St. Louis area is experiencing ice and blizzard like weather, here in Cape Girardeau, we have only received several inches of rain!

Students may have been dreaming of snow days, but instead the university held class. Liz and I wandered around the office to see how the Staff was dealing with the windy rain!

Christina was smart and chose to wear her stylish rain boots and carry her umbrella!

Kia and Brandy sported rainboots that also supported Southeast with their RED and BLACK!


A guest in the office, let us know she purchased her boots at Target and plans to use Southeast’s Shuttle Service to get back to her dorm!

Let us know which Show Me Day Coordinator YOU think was more prepared for the weather today?











Show Me Day Highlight: Academic Fair

January 28, 2011

Wow our first blog post! Ashley and I (see the Show Me Day Coordinator page to find out who we are) are so excited to share information about Show Me Days! Feel free to comment with questions, concerns, or ideas. You can also reach us by email at or by phone at 573-651-5939.

It’s a beautiful day here at Southeast! Hopefully I can enjoy this great 50 degree weather this afternoon after I get off work. Ashley and I have been working hard this week getting ready for the upcoming February 19th Show Me Day! As of today (the 28th) we have 120 students registered to attend. It looks like we are on track to have about 200 pre-registrations, which is pretty standard for a February Show Me Day. Most of the academic departments have confirmed that they will be in attendance as well so students will definitely get to speak to someone from their department of academic interest. Show Me Days are the only time at Southeast that prospective students can talk to representatives from any academic department all in one central location. The Academic Fair is a great opportunity because not only do students get to talk to real professors, they will have a chance to speak with current students in the same major that they want to pursue.  I always enjoy talking to prospective students about public relations (my major) and spanish (my minor). I like to share helpful hints and tips about the programs that I wish I had known as an incoming freshman. I think the best way to get a feel for a major is by talking to students who are actually experiencing the classes in that major. I know some people just want to go to the sessions or get straight to the tour, but the Academic Fair is definitely worth your time to help you figure out what you might be interested in and whether or not you are a good fit for a particular program of study.

Want to know more about Southeast’s Academic programs? Click here!

Happy Friday!

Liz Vinson
Show Me Day Coordinator