Everybody’s Working for the Weekend


The office tends to get a little Rowdy on Friday’s as we are all gearing up for the weekend! This weekend just happens to be packed with fun activities all around Cape Girardeau!

  • First Friday, Are you an art lover? Enjoy viewing the newest art exhibits? First Friday is Cape Girardeau’s premier art opening. With ten different venues to choose from you can meet the local artists, ask questions about their work, and experience the arts.All the galleries open at 5 p.m. and close at 9 p.m. the first Friday of each month. Come join us! Sponsored by the Southeast Missouri Arts Council.

  • The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra will return to the Southeast Missouri State University River Campus to perform in the Donald C. Bedell Hall on February 6.
  • Pi Kappa Alpha Pike Spike: Southeast Sororities will be participating in a volleyball tournament to help raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters!

Unfortunately Liz will be working on homework and I will be taking the WP003  Writing Proficiency Exam this weekend, but my sister will be visiting on Saturday because of her new job with the St. Louis Symphony!

2 weeks till the February 19th Show Me Day! Makes sure you are registering!

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