Meet George…

George Gasser is the Southeast Admission’s office NEWEST Admissions Counselor. His territory is Southwest Missouri, South Central Missouri, Franklin County in Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and all other Out-of-State (excluding Illinois).

Here are just a few deets about George’s life before the Admissions office:

  • A native of Farmington, Missouri, George Gasser
  • attended college at Southeast Missouri State University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration.

Whilst a student at Southeast he was heavily involved on campus

  • Rock Climbing Club
  • Wrestling Club
  • Cycling Club
  • Presidential Ambassadors
  • He also held offices in Student Activities Council (SAC) and Student Government, serving one year as President of the Student Body.

George’s Current Pandora Station: Ratatat

George currently sits in the next cubicle over from Liz and I. We often catch him humming or making sound effects. It is always a nice surprise when George has candy at his desk…we are always the first to know! Throughout the day, we often hear random comments coming from the opposite side of the wall, often some wonderful insights into life.

Beware he often goes a little crazy in his rolly chair!

” Nothing will ever love you as much as Southeast loves you.”

– George Gasser

HAPPY TUESDAY! Look for a few more updates this week, I am in the office alone this week! Liz is on her way to Chicago with a few of our fellow PRSSA members attending a conference sponsored by De Paul University!

Ashley’s Current Pandora Station: Mumford and Sons

– Peace Love and Papa Johns Pizza at the University Center

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