The days before a Show Me Day are always very hectic in Liz and I’s office! We have to print over 300 name tags and make sure all our reports are ran etc. Here are some fun pictures from our adventures getting everything ready for your visit!

Steve Nelson  is ready for anything in the mail room!

Me with the 400 brochures that were hand folded! Many, Many paper cuts ensued.

Our office, with all our supplies for the Day!

The mail room set up for the production of our Student packets!

I had to climb up a very shaky ladder to locate t shirts to be thrown out on Saturday!

Liz with the flyer’s she designed!

All of the staff is excited for your visit!

Don’t forget :

  • Registration opens at 9:30 a.m. at the Show Me Center
  • Wear comfortable shoes for your campus tour
  • Have questions ready to ask your Admissions Counselor and Tour Guide
  • Get excited to see all the Southeast has to offer!
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