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Web Design & Support is excited to offer blogs to Southeast departments through

Creating a Blog

You can use the “Request a Blog” form at and we will set up a blog for your department. For example, the Art Department would have a blog at
We are offering only one blog per department, but the software we use automatically creates pages that can sort entries by author or category. This will let your department have several pages that will organize all the entries by a certain faculty member or dealing with a particular subject into smaller blogs that you can link to directly.

Updating your Blog

After we create your department blog, you will be able to log in at the Web address we assign your blog and update that blog using your Southeast Key and Password.
Please review our Social Media Code of Conduct for information on how to conduct yourself on your blog and in any other capacity you might use to represent your department and Southeast Missouri State University online.

Keep in mind that having a blog does NOT replace your University Web site and that your department is still responsible for maintaining its Web site in RedDot.

A blog is a powerful tool to have timely discussions about a variety of topics relating to the focus of your department. It inspires discourse and research and allows you to share ideas that your students and other faculty are interested in. You must still maintain your department Web site to provide contact information, course information, scholarship organization, information about your faculty or staff, and any other pieces of information that our constituents rely on to interact with the University.

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