Wellness Wrap Up

Thanks to all of you who participated in our Noon Walk, Shape Up Southeast and Move It & Lose It Programs offered this past semester through the Department of Recreation Services. Congratulations to the following individuals and teams…

Noon Walk Winners:
Patty Eck
Tina Hotop
Lisa Howe
Marie Justis
Sue Kaverman
Brenda Lewis
Tara Lutes
Melissa Randen
Lynda Seabaugh
Beth Seesing
Janet Smith
Leann Stinson
Becky Vetter
David Wilde
Sue Wilde

Shape Up Southeast
Team Spirit Award: Tiffany Smith
In the Spotlight Award: Dave Wilde
Team Name Contest Winner: “The Life of Too Much Pie” – Joyce Hunter & Dana Schwieger

Student Team Winner: “The Thunder Thigh Gals” – Shelby Ratliff, Amanda Ratliff & Michaela Townsend

Bachelors Level Team Winners:
1st place: “The Hunger Gang” – Sherrie Jenkins, Carol Kitchen, Marge Phillips & Lisa Howe
1st place: “LOSERS” – Haohao Wang & Ziping Liu
3rd place: “The Life of Too Much Pie” – Dana Schwieger & Joyce Hunter

Masters Level Team Winners:
1st place: “Fighting Gravity” – Linda Tansil, Jamie Birkman, Cheryl McAllister, Laurie Wern Overmann, Peggy Hill & John Tansil
2nd place: “The Motivators” –Todd Brucker, Elizabeth Brucker, Sue Kaverman, Don Kaverman & Linda Wilkinson
3rd place: “Sweatin Sweeties” –Tina Hotop, Brenna Flesh, Jenna Burr, Joyce Loos, Jessica Reisenbichler, & Amy Aldridge

Doctorate Level Team Winners:
1st place: “We’re No Dumbbells” –Lynda Seabaugh, Marie Justis, Kara Justis, Tara Lutes, Beth Seesing, Pam Sander, Ashley Burchett & Andrea Logsdon
2nd place: “Death on Two Legs” – Krissy Loenneke, Martha Henckell, Travis Demarest, Larry Hendricks, Candy Hendricks, Paula Holekamp, Sue Wilde & Dave Wilde
3rd place: “Christy’s Crushers” – Christine Beardslee, Jason Wagganer, Alicia Scott, Annette Slattery, Jeremy Barnes, Kyle Schneider, Robyn Gross, David Gross & Sara Wagganer

Move It & Lose It
1st place Winners: Linda Tansil
2nd place Winner: Tara Lutes
3rd place Winners: (tie) Larry Hendricks & Pam Sander

Congratulations to all of the winners and participants who strived to live a healthy lifestyle this semester!















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Intramural Fields Undergoing Renovation – Summer 2013

The intramural sports fields, located at the corner of Sprigg and Bertling streets, are currently undergoing a face lift.  Crews are busy removing the sod in preparation of planting new grass.  Be sure to check back periodically for progress updates.

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Inflatable Day – May 1, 2013

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Spring 2013 Shape Up Southeast Winners

A total of 13 teams were honored today as the Spring 2013 Shape Up Southeast! contest came to a close.

Student Division-Bachelor Category

3rd Place               YOLO (Yes, Our Legs Outlast)

2nd Place              The Laws of Fitness

1st Place               Feet in Motion


Student Division-Masters Category

1st Place               Mission Slimpossible
Employee Division-Bachelor Category

3rd Place               Redhawk Chili Peppers

2nd Place              The ChemMath Dynamo

1st Place               The Motivators


Employee Division-Masters Category

3rd Place               5 Chicks & A Dude

2nd Place              Team Approached Healthy

As Weight Approaches Ideal

1st Place               COREageous


Employee Division-Doctorate Category

3rd Place               Gymstones

2nd Place              We Ain’t Paying No Fat Tax

1st Place               Doris and the Destroyers

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SRC-North Flooring Project Update – Jan. 4

Work continues to progress on the Student Recreation Center-North flooring project. Crews have finished installing new flooring in the entry and lounge and have begun work on lower cardio and the ramp leading to the weight room.

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Project Updates – Jan. 2

Happy New Year from Recreation Services!  Over the holiday break, crews were busy replacing the floor in the weight room and repainting the Student Aquatic Center hallway.  Both areas have re-opened for activity.  The second phase of the flooring replacement project is currently underway in the entrance and lower cardio areas.  Self-powered cardio equipment has been relocated to the West Gym and is available for use.  Another project currently taking place is the addition of chilled water lines in the East Gym.  This project may have a minimal impact on activities within the East Gym.  We appreciate your patience as we work to improve your facilities.

Here are a few photos of the progress:

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Project Updates – Dec. 20

Work continues on the replacement of the weight room flooring at the SRC-North.  The old floor surface has been removed and crews are installing new M0ndo flooring.

Once the weight room flooring is complete, crews will move to the lower cardio and lobby areas.  This will cause some areas and equipment to be offline.

Painting crews are currently preparing the Student Aquatic Center hallway for a fresh coat of paint.  This work means Student Aquatic Center users will be re-directed through the northwest corner of the West Gym to enter the SAQ.  For those patrons with a locker in the Student Aquatic Center, please check with the Operation Center staff in order to gain access to your locker when the SAQ is closed.

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Weight Room Flooring Replacement

Due to the replacement of the flooring in some areas of the Student Recreation Center-North, portions of the weight room and lower cardio areas will be re-located or offline beginning Monday, Dec. 17.
Weight room flooring in the SRC-North is being replaced








During this time, no free weights will be available and a limited amount of selectorized weight equipment will be available in the lounge area.

Limited selectorized weights are available in the lounge area








Self-powered cardio equipment has been temporarily moved to the West Gym and is available for use.

Self-powered cardio equipment has been moved to the West Gym

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Shape Up Southeast Winners Announced


Student Division-Bachelor Category

2nd Place              Las Tigres

Amy Ahrens

Kelso Hope

Emma Cross

1st Place               Feet in Motion

Samantha Thierry

Alex Zisser

Student Division-Masters Category

3rd Place               Push Up Bro’s

Robin Aston

Emily Ehrenstorm

John Kautzner

Jessica Buettner

Hannah Groom

2nd Place              Wii Fit

Bianca Gillispie

Morgan Henley

Klara Vance

Olivia Dupuy

Heather Donner

1st Place               Gueranimals

Joshua Abernathy

Derek Goodin

Alysa Haynes

Andrew Lerch

Cody Carlyle

Sam Irvin

Student Division- Doctorate Category

1st Place               Sternocleidomastoids

William Abbott

Katie Holtgrave

Dalton Knott

Andy Siefert

Ryan Markle

Devynn Hummel

Deamonta Young

Kevin Francis

Carson Young

Dalton Toombs

Employee Division-Bachelor Category

3rd Place               Waist A-Weighs

Dana Schwieger

David Kunz

Joyce Hunter

1st Place               Gung Ho Mathletes

Linda Tansil

Haohao Wang

1st Place               The Motivators

Todd Brucker

Debbie Graham

Linda Hanebrink

Sue Kaverman

Employee Division-Doctorate Category

3rd Place               Rowdy’s Anatomies

Carol Kitchen

Katy Beebe

Josh Hatton

Lisa Howe

Sherri Jenkins

Joyce Loos

Kenny Loos

Chris Norris

Tracee Norris

2nd Place              The Fit Culture Club

Doris Dumey

Jeremy Barnes

Michael Church

David Gross

Robyn Gross

Carlen Mulholland

Annette Slattery

Jason Wagganer

Sara Wagganer

1st Place               Kicking Assets and Taking Names

Lynda Seabaugh

Pam Sander

Angela Birk

Marie Justis

Kara Justis

Beth Seesing

Liz Maldonado

Nancy Hess

Walk the Walk Winners

5th Place               Dana Schwieger

4th Place               David Kunz

3rd Place               Lisa Howe

2nd Place              Sue Kaverman

1st Place               Janet Corcoran

Shape Up Spirit Award Winners

Doris Dumey

Carol Kitchen

Team Name Contest

Shaping Our Ovals into Figure Eights

Laurie Wern Overmann

Jamie Birkman

Cheryl McAllister

Ann Schnurbusch

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Fitness Friday – Feb. 3

Fitness Friday:

Let’s burn some calories with this quick 10 minute workout!

60 jumping jacks

30 crunches

15 tricep dips

20 walking lunges

15 pushups

15 russian twists

10 jump squats

1 minute of high knees

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