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Shape Up Southeast! Winners Announced

Congratulations to all of the Shape Up Southeast! participants. They are all winners by taking steps to make their life healthier and inspiring others to do the same! Please congratulate them for their accomplishments.

Shape Up Southeast! Team Competition Winners (A 10-week program in which participants log physical and wellness activity points on-line)

Student Division-Bachelor Category

1st Place               Snackaholics Annoymous (1115 points): Elizabeth Ray, Kathleen Ray, and Lela Deason

2nd Place              Feet In Motion (1111 points): Samantha Thierry and Alex Zisser

3rd Place               Re-Creation (1102 points): Emily Scherer and David Peppers

Student Division-Masters Category

1st Place               Wellness Warriors (450 points): Amanda Barton, Anna Majors, Jody Petzoldt, Rachel Colwick, and Michele Schubert

Employee Division-Bachelor Category

1st Place               The Motivators (1179 points): Todd Brucker, Debbie Graham, Sue Kaverman, and Linda Hanebrink

2nd Place              The Mathletes’ Last Lap (?) (1125 points): Tom Wallgren, Sunshine Gibbons, and Haohao Wang

Employee Division-Masters Category

1st Place               Controlling Our Figures (1167 points): Lynda Seabaugh, Marie Justis, Pam Sander, Tara Lutes, and Nancy Hess

2nd Place              The Rowdy M & M’s (1107 points): Marie Steinhoff, James Caldwell, Erin Fluegge Woolf, Nancy LeGrand, and Scott Thorne

3rd Place               Solving Our Proportion Problems (1003 points): Linda Tansil, Ann Schnurbusch, Laurie Wern Overmann, Jamie Birkman, and Cheryl McAllister

Employee Division-Doctorate Category

1st Place               Sponge Bod Square Pants (1102 points): Carol Kitchen, Debbie Below, Kenny Loos, Sherri Jenkins, Joyce Loos, Chris Norris, Tracee Norris, and Rennie Phillips

2nd Place              3D: Doris’ Deranged Dominators (1098 points): Doris Dumey, Jeremy Barnes, Michael Church, Jenna Crawford, Margo Greicar, David Gross, Robyn Gross, Carlen Mulholland, Annette Slattery, and Jason Wagganer

3rd Place               Losing to Win (996 points): Angie Grissom, Shad Burner, Layne Burner, Bill Holland, Angela Holland, Alex Jackson, Trudy Lee, Amanda Lincoln, Jane Ogles, and Angie Wilson

Shape Up Southeast! “Walk the Walk” Individual Competition Results (A pedometer-based walking program for 70 consecutive days)

1st Place               Cheryl Lambert (974,585 steps)

2nd Place              Sue Kaverman (958,563 steps)

3rd Place               Debbie Graham (825,374 steps)

4th Place               Twylla James (822,668 steps)

5th Place               Doris Dumey (786,026 steps)

6th Place               Dale Chronister (743,493 steps)

7th Place               Candy Hendricks (707,277 steps)

8th Place               Katharine Pei (661,070 steps)

9th Place               Pat Willingham (660,020 steps)

10th Place             Cecilia Larson (555,574 steps)

11th Place             Lawrence Hendricks (548,507 steps)

12th Place             Kendra Skinner (490,512 steps)

13th Place             Joyce Hunter (443,583 steps)

14th Place             Janet Smith (327,918 steps)

Shape Up Spirit Award Winners (The Shape Up Spirit Award is to recognize an individual who motivates and inspires others for a healthy lifestyle.)

  • Doris Dumey
  • Angie Grissom

Creative Team Name Contest

  • Losing To Win: Angie Grissom, Shad Burner, Layne Burner, Bill Holland, Angela Holland, Alex Jackson, Trudy Lee, Amanda Lincoln, Jane Ogles, and Angie Wilson

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Bass Anglers Club Members Featured on Versus Dec. 12

This Sunday, Dec. 12, two members of the Southeast Bass Anglers Club will once again be featured on national television. The FLW Regional Championship will be broadcast at noon on the Versus channel (Channel 45 for local cable). The Southeast team — Andrew Pinkley and Jim McDevitt — placed eighth in this competition and will be shown on days one and two of the broadcast coverage.

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This Week in Recreation Services: Dec. 6-12

Monday, Dec. 6
Lunch Express Yoga
12:15-12:45 p.m. in the Student Recreation Center-North Group Fitness Studio (Room 202)
Free for all Southeast students, faculty and staff

Stress Busters Mini-Massage
5-9 p.m. in the Student Recreation Center-North Lounge
Southeast Students: Don’t let final exams stress you out!  Enjoy a free 5-10 minute massage, compliments of  Recreation Services.  Our licensed massage therapists will help you forget all about the stressful days ahead.

Tuesday, Dec. 7
Lunch Express Core Strength
12:15-12:45 p.m. in the Student Recreation Center-North Group Fitness Studio (Room 202)
Free for all Southeast students, faculty and staff

Thursday, Dec. 9
Lunch Express Water Fitness
12:15-12:45 in the Student Aquatic Center
Free for all Southeast students, faculty and staff

Friday, Dec. 10
Lunch Express Core Strength
12:15-12:45 p.m. in the Student Recreation Center-North Group Fitness Studio (Room 202)
Free for all Southeast students, faculty and staff

Saturday, Dec. 11
Recreation Services would like to provide parents an afternoon without the kids before the holiday season is in full force. On Saturday, Dec. 11, from 1 to 5 p.m., kids will have the opportunity to swim and participate in a variety of sports, activities and crafts while being supervised by highly qualified and trained youth program staff. The service will be provided at the Student Recreation Center-North. The cost is $15 for one child and $10 for each additional child.  You must pre-register for this special event by Dec. 9 in the Recreation Services office.  Registration forms are available in the Recreation Services office or online at  For more information, call Jen Rose at 986-7379.

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Bass Anglers Club member graduates after 41 years

Bass Anglers Club member James McDevitt of Eldon, Mo., is graduating after working on his undergraduate degree for 41 years. McDevitt began his undergraduate degree in 1969. He will receive bachelor of general studies degree.

James McDevitt (right) will receive his Bachelor's degree 41 years after he started

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Sustainability in action at SRC’s

You may have noticed some of the cardio equipment in both the SRC-North and SRC-South sporting a new sticker.  Over 50 machines in both facilities have been labeled as “self powered”.  These machines can be identified by the green leaf sticker as pictured below:

You can help us save energy by providing all the power!

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Redinger one of four winners in Sustainability Idea Competition

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Dec. 2, 2010 – The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Southeast Missouri State University has announced the winners of the 2010 Sustainability Idea Competition held during the recent Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The competition sought the best ideas for promoting a campus culture of sustainability. The competition was jointly sponsored by the Office of the President, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the University Sustainability Committee. Submissions were evaluated by a student, staff, faculty, and administrator panel.

The panel recognized four first-place winning submissions and three honorable mention submissions.  Redinger was announced as the winner of the Staff category.

Here is a summary of his submission:
Signs of Change–The proposal from Redinger is to use appropriate signage on campus to call attention to current efforts to improve sustainability on campus and to encourage even greater awareness and interest in sustainability. The proposed signage would highlight visible “signs of change” taking place at Southeast and would be viewed by both current members of the University community and visitors to the campus. Redinger indicated that signage is relatively inexpensive and provides “a lot of bang for the buck” in promoting sustainability on campus.

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