Spring 2013 Shape Up Southeast Winners

A total of 13 teams were honored today as the Spring 2013 Shape Up Southeast! contest came to a close.

Student Division-Bachelor Category

3rd Place               YOLO (Yes, Our Legs Outlast)

2nd Place              The Laws of Fitness

1st Place               Feet in Motion


Student Division-Masters Category

1st Place               Mission Slimpossible
Employee Division-Bachelor Category

3rd Place               Redhawk Chili Peppers

2nd Place              The ChemMath Dynamo

1st Place               The Motivators


Employee Division-Masters Category

3rd Place               5 Chicks & A Dude

2nd Place              Team Approached Healthy

As Weight Approaches Ideal

1st Place               COREageous


Employee Division-Doctorate Category

3rd Place               Gymstones

2nd Place              We Ain’t Paying No Fat Tax

1st Place               Doris and the Destroyers

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