Fitness Friday – Jan. 20

Try this 15 Min Core Blaster!
1 round of:
1 min- reverse crunches
1 min- sliders
0:15 min- rest
1 round of:
0:45 min- left oblique crunches
0:45 min- right oblique crunches
0:20 min- rest
1 round of:
0:35 min- elbow plank
0:35 min- bird dog
0:15 min- rest
1 round of:
0:45 min- burpees
0:45 min- Russian twist
0:25 min- rest
1 round of:
0:50 min-dips with leg extension
1 min- flutter kicks
0:20 min- rest
1 round of:
0:30 min- floor bridge
0:40 min- cross body crunches
0:25 min- rest
1 round of:
0:50 min- mountain climbers
1 min- single leg squat touchdowns
0:20 min rest
1 round of:
1 min- plank
0:40 min- rest

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Fitness Friday – Jan. 13

Try this 10 Min Workout!
2 min- jump rope
1 min- plyo push-ups
1 min- standing side crunch
1 min- squats
2 min- jump rope
1 min- plyo push-ups
1 min-standing oblique twists
1 min stationary lunges

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Fitness Friday – Jan. 6

This is the first of a series of workouts designed to keep you energized and give you a break from your normal routine.

2012 New Year Blast!
1 round of:
• 1 min- cross jacks
• 1 min- over over unders
• 0:15 min- rest
• 0:50 min- elbows to hands plank
• 0:15 min- rest
• 1 min- gate swings
• 0:15 min- rest
1 round of:
• 1 min- leg raises
• 0:15 min- rest
• 1 min- lateral leg lifts on a bench
• 0:15 min- rest
1 round of:
• 0:50 min- plank with toe taps
• 0:20 min- child’s pose
• 0:50 min- plank with shoulder taps
• 0:20 min- child’s pose
• 1 min- push ups (on knees)
• 0:15 min- rest
1 round of:
• 0:40 min- shoulder stretches
• 0:40 min- chest stretch
• 1 min- freestyle dancing

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Shape Up Southeast! Winners Announced

Team Competition Winners

Student Division-Bachelor’s Category

3rd Place               Sigma Alpha Iota

Laura Warren
Jessi Brink
Jen Harris
Jessica Perez

2nd Place              The Fit Freaks

Kathleen Ray
Elizabeth Ray
Lela Deason
Ellen Ashcraft

1st Place               Feet in Motion

Samantha Thierry
Alex Zisser

Student Division-Master’s Category

1st Place               Push Up Bro’s

Robin Aston
Emily Ehrenstrom
John Kautzner
Rachel Byers
Hannah Groom
Jessica Buettner

Employee Division-Bachelor’s Category

3rd Place               Solving Our Proportion Problems

Ann Schnurbusch
Jamie Birkman
Cheryl McAllister
Laurie Wern Overmann

1st Place (Tie)     Mathletic Duo

Linda Tansil
Haohao Wang

The Motivators

Todd Brucker
Debbie Graham
Sue Kaverman
Linda Hanebrink

Employee Division-Master’s Category

2nd Place              Southeast Employees Minimizing Obesity (SEMO)

Krissy Loenneke
Larry Hendricks
Steve Buhs
Maggie Buhs
Amy Wallhausen
Candy Hendricks
Paula Holekamp

1st Place               Project Shape Up

Lynda Seabaugh
Pam Sander
Marie Justis
Nancy Hess
Kara Justis
Elizabeth Maldonado

Employee Division-Doctorate Category

3rd Place               Developmentally Downsizing

Angie Grissom
Alex Jackson
Amanda Lincoln
Angie Wilson
Angela Holland
Bill Holland
Jane Ogles
Layne Burner
Shad Burner
Trudy Lee

2nd Place              Survivor: Southeast

Carol Kitchen
Sherri Jenkins
Joyce Loos
Kenny Loos
Chris Norris
Tracee Norris
Marge Phillips
Rennie Phillips
Kathryne Beebe
Joshua Hatton

1st Place               The Fit Culture Club

Doris Dumey
Jeremy Barnes
Michael Church
David Gross
Robyn Gross
Carlen Mulholland
Annette Slattery
Jason Wagganer
Sara Wagganer

Walk the Walk Winners

5th Place               Marge Phillips
4th Place               Haohao Wang
3rd Place               Ellen Ashcraft
2nd Place              Sue Kaverman
1st Place               Debra Graham

Shape Up Spirit Award Winners (The Shape Up Spirit Award is to recognize an individual who motivates and inspires others for a healthy lifestyle)

  • Doris Dumey
  • Todd Brucker

Team Name Contest

  • Developmentally Downsizing

Angie Grissom
Alex Jackson
Amanda Lincoln
Angie Wilson
Angela Holland
Bill Holland
Jane Ogles
Layne Burner
Shad Burner
Trudy Lee

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Softball Fields Undergoing Renovation

The softball fields located at the corner of Sprigg and Bertling streets are undergoing a much needed face lift.  A specially formulated dirt and sand mixture is being mixed in with the existing material to create a more playable surface for softball.  This new mix should allow for better drainage and more playability when rain occurs.

Special thanks to the staff in Facilities Management for their efforts in making this project happen!

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West Gym and Lap Pool to be Closed for Maintenance

Both the West Gym in the Student Recreation Center-North (Aug. 1-14) and the lap pool in the Student Aquatic Center (Aug. 1-5) will be closed for maintenance.  Access to the Student Aquatic Center will be through the East Gym.  During the lap pool closure, the leisure pool will be open 5:30-7:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.-1 p.m., in addition to the normal hours of operation (4-7 p.m.).

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Parker Gym Renovation Nearing Completion

Renovations to the upper gymnasium in the Parker building are nearing completion with the recent installation of SportCourt flooring.  The new floor will provide a suitable surface for multiple activities including volleyball, roller  and floor hockey, and indoor soccer.  As you can see in the before and after photos below, this facility has come quite a long way since serving as the practice facility for the Southeast gymnastics team.

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Possums and Coyotes and Skunks (Oh my!)

Redhawks Kids Camp was greeted by some crazy critters today! The Watkins family from Watkins Wildlife Rehab stopped by camp this morning to educate the campers about possums, coyotes and skunks. As you can see in the photos below, this was a very hands-on event.

As a way to say “thank you” to the Watkins family, RKC campers helped paint four habitat boxes that were donated to Watkins Wildlife Rehab. Special thanks go out to Southeast Missouri Builder’s Supply and Buchheit for the donation of plywood for the construction of the habitat boxes.

For more information on Watkins Wildlife Rehab, visit

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When Severe Weather Approaches…

The Recreation Services staff has gotten plenty of practice executing the emergency action plan for severe weather over the past week. With more severe weather in the forecast, we’d like to pass along a few tips in case you are in our facilities and the sirens are activated.
When the outdoor siren is activated, you will be advised by our facilities staff to seek shelter in the locker rooms at SRC-North and the dumbbell room at SRC-South. Patrons in the Student Aquatic Center will be evacuated to the locker rooms in the SAQ. It is recommended you stay in these gathering areas until any active warnings expire.
For more information on how to respond in an emergency, visit the Department of Public Safety’s website:


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A Typical Night at the SRC-North?

Outside of the normal cardio sessions, weightlifting routines, intramural sports competitions and group fitness classes, two unique and vastly different events took place Thursday, April 7 in the Student Recreation Center-North/Student Aquatic Center. The 2002 movie “Enough” starring Jennifer Lopez was shown in the Student Aquatic Center as part of Enough Is Enough Week.

Just a few feet away, a group of students enjoyed a game of Cricket in the West Gym. The picture shown here provided some excitement as the ball traveled just a few feet above my head!


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