Let me paint a word picture for you my lovely reader. You wake up in the morning, it is one of the final weeks of classes and you are ready for Christmas break. You climb out of bed, stretch your arms, and are ready to greet the day; maybe you even have a little breakfast. You get ready to go to class when a sudden and startling revelation creeps into your mind. That big term paper that was talked about before Thanksgiving break is due tomorrow. Panic ensues, sanity is attacked, and suddenly all the time you wasted on whatever you deemed more important than this paper is coming back; you seem to recall yourself saying “It’s okay, I can do it later” a couple of times. You have just become a victim of the serial grader murderer named procrastination.

So, what is procrastination? Well, procrastination is where you put something off despite its importance to you. So, you have a final to study for, yet you think going out and hanging out with your friends is more important; how else are you going to get the scuttlebutt on who is dating, who is cheating, and who may secretly be a government agent? Electing to hang out with your friends and thinking “I can do it later” is procrastination. You put the pressure on yourself later for free time now. It is like taking out a loan that you must pay back, only there is no money (hopefully) and the currency is your time. Much like bouncing a check, sometimes you spend too much time that you don’t have enough time to cover the assignment when you need to do it. Another “A” lost to that merciless serial killer procrastination. He can’t keep getting away with this! Fortunately for you dear reader, I have just the solution to avoid this slasher of grades!

The solution to avoid to becoming a victim is simply doing your work before allowing your time to slip away. Now hear me out on this because, trust me, this may be a bit shocking, but you can actually do assignments like term papers, problem sets, or whatever it is you have to do, you can do it in chunks. WHAT!? I know, right! Pacing yourself! If you work for an hour on your paper, or work until you have a certain amount done, you can relax a bit and then do some other stuff, then come back to it in a day or so. If you finish early, then you can check it, revise it, and print/upload it early and have all the guiltless free time you want! Huzzah for not becoming procrastination’s newest victim. Just pace yourself and work in chunks and you will be rocking assignments in no time!

The largest issue is responsibility, when you enter college a lot of people will see you as an adult, so you will need to learn time management, make sure you find out when you have the free time to dedicate your paper. Did I just say free time? Silly me, we are college students—

WHAT IS FREE TIME!? All joking aside though, time management is important and will help you outside of college, as well, in your everyday life. Now that you know how to defeat the Jason-esque killer known as procrastination, go out and slay him. Now a moment of silence for As that have been lost in the conflict with procrastination…thank you, and have a lovely, and well budgeted, day.