It is tedious and monotonous… I can’t concentrate on it… It is difficult even to start… How many of you were thinking the same when you had to write something? I am sure, a lot. So, why isn’t everyone an excellent writer? Why isn’t it just a “natural” process? What is it about writing that prevents so many people even to start doing it?

The question is whether there are any solutions to this problem. And my answer is “Yes.” Why don’t you try a process approach to writing? Truly speaking, many people are stuck with their papers as they are mostly concerned with the final product of writing, and practically have no time for brainstorming, conceiving the idea, arranging their thoughts logically and linking them for easy reading. Process approach to writing, in its turn, is a meaningful tool which encourages learners to use drafts and revisions effectively. It is especially helpful for English language learners who are not confident in their writing skills and need more time to organize their thoughts and ideas in order to put them on paper later on.

Process writing begins with freewriting when you do not need to pay any attention to grammar, punctuation, the structure of the writing, and the way ideas are held together. Then comes the first draft. In this case, either the peers or the teacher provide comments. With the help of this kind of feedback, learners can revise, add or rewrite something in their paper. By analogy with the previous stages, the learners write their second draft and actually a final paper. And that’s all. It’s not scary and you clearly understand what you need to do. Your confidence increases immediately when you receive an excellent grade for your work.

Are you still sure that writing is a mysterious gift granted to a few lucky people? I hope, not. It is essential to realize that no one can create superior essays as easily as pen can move across paper. So, believe in yourself, practice a lot and whenever you are struggling with anything, just keep in mind that you CAN do it.